About us


Founded over a century ago, the mission of the North Transdanubian Waterworks Co. Ltd. is to provide water utility service in accordance with consumer demands by effective management of public assets entrusted to it. In the course of its activities, the company pays great attention to the harmonisation of the corporate, employee and business partner goals, the fulfilment of social expectations, the protection of the environment, and the pricing, which takes market conditions into account.

The North Transdanubian Waterworks Private Limited Company was founded to perform tasks related to drinking water supply, waste water disposal, and waste water treatment. Ownership rights are exercised by Magyar Nemzeti Vagyonkezelő Zrt. (Hungarian National Asset Management Inc., HNAM) and the local government of Tatabánya City with County Rights. In its area of operation (Komárom-Esztergom, Fejér, and Pest counties), the company supplies drinking water for 290,000 residents in 85 settlements, while about 260,000 residents of 66 settlements make use of its waste water disposal service.

Water supply is mainly provided by regional systems installed on karst water sources in Tatabánya, Dorog, and Bicske; and in smaller scale by bank filtration water sources on the Danube, and individual wells. Fully state-owned water public utilities are operated by ÉDV Zrt. based on asset management contracts. The local governments-owned public utilities are operated by ÉDV Zrt. based on custom long-term service agreements. An additional activity of the company is to transfer water to affiliates from regional waterworks systems.

It’s the company’s goal, obligation, and interest to ensure the quality of the service, and to fulfil all customer demands. The technical, economical and organisational conditions of this are in place, and the reasonable utilisation of human and economical resources is possible. Ultimately, internal and external resources, and proper harmonisation of tasks ensure the requirements for effective and prosperous operation. Applying “from the water source to the consumer” principle, the quality and economical water supply, and the disposal and purification of waste water can be assured for a long term on the company’s area of operation.